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Danyaye Farms01/04/2022

Danyaye farms, is a company that specializes in poultry production of Chicken and eggs

01 Problem

Danyaye farms had a previous website that was not visually appealing and not represnting of the kind of services that they rendered and requested that we rebrand and

02 Approach

we made our indepth research arround their competition space and decided to give them a website that is inclined with first their general business structure-Agriculture which made us inculcate some geographical mapped themed overlays on some parts of the website like on the header and footer, to signify that the begin and end thier services in agriculture

03 Solution

We finally created a dynamic looking and engaing forest themed website,since they already have a website name related to a wild animall- The Bull that lives in the forest, why not take the bullverese Home!

Website Preview